How To Gardens is a site designed to help make gardening easier.

What makes gardening easier? Gardening with a tractor and some tractor attachments!

Cultivators Plow Garden Tillers Disc Harrow Box Blade
Even in todays time with all the advanced technologies nothing beats a good old tractor and the right attachment to save you time and money. Lets look at the plow for example, a plow is a tractor attachment that helps turn top soil and prepairs ground for crops. The everyday garden plow as been around for hundreds of years sure it's got a few new upgrades such as the cutting blade and cultor wheel but over the the general design hasn't changed much. "If it's not broken don't fix it" kind of works perfect for this attachment.

Then and Now Plow

So lets get down to business, you want to start a graden and need to know what attachments you need to get started. Tractor attachments aren't cheap so getting the right attachment to match your tractor and the one that's best suited for the job at hand is real important. Things to take into note of is what type of tractor you have, your tractors horse power, the size also what type of hitch your tractor has. All of these things are very important when selecting an attachment.

If you are starting your first garden on fresh soil then a plow would be a great choice for your first attachment. Plows are great for preparing garden beds and simple to use. As you can see on Plow Your Prepration is the first step. The site has some great tips and step by step instructions on plowing. If you are in the market for a plow check out Everything Attachments selection.

Tilling Your Garden

Tilling a Garden
After your ground is plowed Tilling would be the next step. Tilling helps loosen up the soil and mixes the composites up to allow for better air and water penatration. This helps the plants and crops receive more nutrients and better growth. For the most part your choices are to use a power tiller also known as a rotarty tiller or a garden bedder which you can see in action in the below image.
The garden bedder being the cheaper of the two is great if the soil isn't to hard and for a small to mid size gardens. You can adjust the furrows and the C-Shaped tines for better positions to accommodate your needs. For more information on Garden Bedders check out what Everything Attachments has on sale. On the other hand the Power Tiller does a much better job over all at breaking up clumps of soil and leveling out your garden. However power tillers do cost more and are a good bit heavier but have some advantages. The power tiller normally covers more area depending on the size but also mixes up the soil a good bit more than a bedder. For more information on Power Tillers check out

Disc Harrow

Disc Harrow If a Power tiller is a little bit out of your price range than a Disc Harrow is another tractor attachment that is great for tilling. While a Disc Harrow may not do a good of a job as a power tiller would do they can cover more area in a shorter amount of time. One think to remember about Disc Harrowers is that you need to make sure there is enough weight to hold the harrow in the ground. For more information about Disc Harrows please check out Also check out Disc Harrows on sale at Everything Attachments